Double Passions
Our name says it all.  Our twin sons who are our "double stars", and our Lowline cattle.  What started out as a way to provide our sons with willing 4H beef projects has evolved into a family business.  We love our Double Stars - and we love our Lowlines.  Investigate this intriguing beef breed and share the passion ....
​ We welcome visitors and will gladly talk about Lowlines any time!   We  pride ourselves on customer service and want to make sure our customers are happy with any Lowline purchased. 
Lowlines have many valuable traits.  They were bred to be able to graze the scrubbiest of pastures and be efficient in the conversion of feed to meat.  Lowlines can be grazed at a higher head per acre ratio.  Also, they finish on grass - making the meat healthier.  They have a higher ribeye ratio per hundred weight.  They are naturally docile making them easier to handle and easier on fences!  A Lowline bull on first calf heifers means fewer calving problems.  
For more information about this amazing breed, go to the American Lowline Registry website:
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